How google maps gave me a six figure income. The ultimate lifehack.

Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to start a business? Are you scared of being crushed by the large corporate competition machine? Well you should be. You can’t out advertise them. You can’t outspend them. In order to succeed you have to play by a different set of rules. You need to understand one thing very well- Google Maps, Google Maps, and more Google Maps.

The first year that I began my expedition into insurance (paid in 100% commission) I made $1,300 that year. I researched and discussed with industry professionals. Everyone said the same thing: Network and referrals. So I chipped away in the city of Chicago (A city I wasn’t from) and made $1,300. I then attempted network and referrals once again in the city of Atlanta-where I’m from. My second year I made $10,000. All in all- I was going to starve at this rate. I knew there had to be something better out there. There was-Google maps.

GOOGLE MAP PRO’S: It is free! Google maps always is listed on the first page! At the top! In the insurance business on AdSense this would cost me at least $50 per click! If you are in the top 3 listings on google maps (which isn’t hard and I’ll explain how to get there) than you will be flooded with calls. You will hate when your phone even rings at a certain point.

GOOGLE MAP CON’S: You will hate to hear your phone ring at a certain point.

See below my last 30 days for traffic on my google maps location… that I didn’t pay a cent for…

That’s right. I was able to get 26K people to look at my business that are actually searching for my product in my area for FREE! This is a much better option than paying google or facebook to bombard people with ads that aren’t even shopping for your product.

But how does one get to be near the top of google maps? Its isn’t difficult. Follow these steps:

  1. Get a Gsuite account with Google. This is actually about $10/month so this isn’t entirely free of cost.
  2. Go through the necessary steps to get listed on google maps. Google will have to send a code to the address that you select so they know that is your location. This is where things become important. YOUR location matters a great deal. A lot of people, including myself, work out of their homes. This is a bad location in terms of your google maps ranking.  It is important that at least for a month you secure a location at a coworking space. A coworking space that is actually in a prominent building is best. You will have to also set up a mail box with the coworking space. They are used to do this.
  3. Once you have the code and validate your google maps location it is important to complete the page. Editing things like hours, adding pictures, and getting reviews.
  4. Reviews, review, and more reviews. I have been using google maps to operate my business for two years now. Whether good or bad- I have two reviews that I didn’t ask for. So when first starting out simply ask friends and family to post positive reviews for your services. 5-10 is all that is typically required to give you a good ranking when combining with a coworking space location.
  5. Enjoy the free traffic!

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