Silver is flashing Buy signals


Over the last six months silver has been forming a bullish cup and handle chart pattern. Combining this buy signal with the now dovish FED presents a fantastic opportunity. Not to mention we beneath $16/oz. and silver was almost $50/oz. three years ago. But how should one take advantage of the situation with silver?

Well, we ourselves have purchased shares of the Global X SIL ETF at $26.00 per share. This is an ETF that is comprised of 20 silver mining companies. The last period of bullish sentiment in silver was between Dec. 2015-Aug. 2016. Silver saw a price increase going from just beneath $15/oz. to just over $21/oz. This is a nice  27% increase in the metal price. However, the SIL ETF saw their holdings increase from $14/share to over $50/share. This is a 300% on a 27% move of the commodity that the ETF follows.

Good luck to all investors!


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